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In a controversial game, regardless of the referee's problem, both teams in this game played a higher level of technical and tactical. Shanghai SIPG has shown strong tactical quality from start to finish, especially in the last 20 minutes of the game, putting great pressure on its opponents. After several substitutions and adjustments in the second half, Beijing Guoan abandoned the combined routines in the first half, keeping the rhythm of the game out of his control, and it was reasonable to lose. Ten thousand steps back and said that although the referee Zhang Lei has made several "strange" penalties, this does not affect the final ranking of the Suzhou Division. In fact, the situation has basically been set before the game, and the referee's penalty for this game is undoubtedly Once again, a trivial game was on the cusp.


In this game, Shanghai SIPG, except for Anautović, who was unwell before the game, played the main force. The goalkeeper Yan Junling, Wang Shenchao, Fu Huanyi left and right, He Zi and Wei Zhen partnered with the central defender combination, and the midfielder was still the same. A trio of Mui, Oscar, and Yang Shiyuan, the striker Li Shenglong partnered Lopez and Hulk to start. On the Guoan side, Alan and Bakambu formed the striker, and the four midfielders of Zhang Xizhe, Chi Zhongguo, Li Ke, and Vieira were a strong guarantee for them to pass and control the football. At the back line, Li Lei, Yu Yang, Jin Minzai, Wang Gang, and Guo Quanbo as the goalkeeper.


After the opening, Guoan continued the same tactical play as before. After advancing in the middle, the two full-backs plugged in to assist in the middle and grabbed the spot, which once caused turmoil in the penalty area. It is worth mentioning that the Guoan midfielder repeatedly shot the ball deep in the first half and penetrated the SIPG defense line and achieved excellent results. But it is a pity that Guoan did not adhere to this tactical thinking after adjusting in the second half, and the situation on the court was therefore tilted.


Let’s take a look at the attack in the 12th minute of the game. After Guoan’s pass from the backcourt, Guoan suddenly passed an extremely penetrating pass. Even though Bakambu was in an offside takeback after the game, this attack It is indeed the most threatening way.


In the 15th minute, after Guoan broke the SIPG possession, the advancing pass also showed the team's tactical characteristics.


SIPG's situation in the first half was relatively passive. Lopez's squandered single-handed shot in the 16th minute was the best chance of the game. Although Hulk's physical fitness declined severely, his precise kick showed his skill.


In the absence of Augusto in the backcourt of Beijing Guoan, it was a little difficult to deliver the ball. In many cases, Vieira had to withdraw very deep to get the ball. In the 22nd minute, Guoan lost the ball under the high position of SIPG. Although Mu Yi's long-range shot was higher, but from the scene, Guoan Chi Zhongguo, Li Ke and Zhang Xizhe's three domestic midfielders faced Mu Yi. , Oscar and Lopez, there is a certain gap in the control of the midfield.

在北京国安队的后场没有奥古斯托的情况下,送球有点困难。在许多情况下,维埃拉必须深深地撤回以取得皮球。在第22分钟,国安队在SIPG的高位输球。尽管穆毅的远射较高,但从现场看,国安迟忠国,李克和张希哲的三名国内中场面对穆毅。 ,奥斯卡和洛佩兹在中场的控制上有一定差距。

In the second half, the substitution of Beijing Guoan coach Renezio also became the focus of criticism from fans. The effect of replacing Zhang Xizhe and Fernando was not ideal, so that the team's midfield organization fell into difficulties in the last 20 minutes, and the good idea of ​​combining the sides in the first half disappeared. In the first half, Bakambu and Alan's idea of ​​resolutely inserting behind their opponents was close to opening up. The penetration in the pass control has always been the label of Guoan. It is a pity that Guoan himself denied this play in the second half. Moreover, after Li Ke and Chi Zhongguo were off the court, SIPG significantly strengthened the force of the midfield and frontcourt. Many of Guoan's ball rights were interrupted after halftime and counterattacked.


This phenomenon is by no means accidental. Genesio has an unshirkable responsibility in the formation of the formation. In the case that the attack in the center is not working, he still insists on using Fernando, who is in poor condition, although he has an extra kick through the midfield. , But Guoan's turnover rate in the backcourt began to increase gradually. Li Shenglong's steal was a wake-up call for Guoan's defense. If this single-handed goal is scored, the game may lose suspense. Therefore, in addition to refereeing issues, Guoan is completely at a disadvantage from the perspective of the coach's use of troops and the players' play in the second half.

这种现象绝不是偶然的。 Genesio在组织的形成中负有不可推卸的责任。在中锋的进攻没有奏效的情况下,他仍然坚持使用状况不佳的费尔南多,尽管他在中场还有一个额外的踢球。 ,但国安在后场的失误率开始逐渐提高。李胜龙的抢断是对国安防守的一个警钟。如果单手进球,比赛可能会失去悬念。因此,除了裁判问题外,从下半年教练的部队使用和球员的比赛来看,国安完全处于劣势。

Over the years, Guoan has always been very clear that SIPG has adopted a tactic of defending and counterattack when playing against itself. It will give up a certain amount of time in possession of the ball, but its defensive attitude and running distance will be much stronger than usual. This is An undeniable fact. Guoan has never learnt a lesson. If Guoan has lost its heart because of just one goal loss in the first half and the second half, is this attitude really a team that wants to win the championship? Obviously, it is not. Therefore, Guoan still looks beautiful when facing tough battles. But Pereira is obviously constantly improving and studying.


In the picture below, it can be clearly seen that Guoan’s backcourt shot point is basically surrounded by a SIPG player who is close to him. The shot is extremely difficult. The players’ super tactical execution has become the key point of the second half.


Take the first match this season, for instance, Chen Binbin’s left side was struck by Wang Gang and Vieira alternately. However, in the second half of the game, Pereira was very decisively replaced by Wang Shenchao to limit, and the effect was immediate. In addition, in the tactical arrangement, Pereira no longer uses 352, but 433, so there are two people on the left road. It is difficult for Wang Gang to be inserted in his own half by Lopez and Wang Shen. The same goes for Li Lei's wing. The fast Fu Huan and the strong Hulk made Li Lei's game extremely difficult.


Objectively speaking from a tactical level, Pereira realized the shortcomings of the first game and made changes and adjustments in the use of personnel. Not only did Genesio remain unchanged, his "play" in the second half was also "abolished martial arts." In the absolute scoring opportunities in the second half, Guoan also plummeted. From the post-match statistics of the whole game, it can be seen that Shanghai SIPG's shot ratio was 14:5, while Guoan was only 7:1.


After talking about the content of the game, let's talk about the refereeing problem of this game. This is actually more sensitive. After the game, the general focus of the outside world was on Zhang Lei's whistle-blowing scale. Vieira's penalty and the suspected offside goal of the final goal were controversial. This also made Guoan very dissatisfied from the official to the fans, and even a lot of public opinion pointed the finger at SIPG, and Chen Xuyuan was once again pushed to the forefront.


This is actually a very brainstorming behavior. Take a step back and say, even if there is really a "conspiracy theory", will SIPG choose this painless game to blew public opinion? Obviously, in the standings of the Suzhou division, no matter what the result of SIPG vs. Guoan, it is impossible to change the result of SIPG being the first. It's just such a game. Have fans who talked about "conspiracy theories" talked to the media? Obviously, no, and it was biased by some bad public opinion. It can only be said that the professional ability of the referee in this game is really bad, nothing more. In addition, Zhang Lei also had problems with the emotional control of the players of the two teams in this game, which made the players of both teams feel unhappy.


I have seen media person Song Chengliang’s statement before that it is very reliable. This is just a game that has nothing to do with points ranking in the first stage. SIPG seems to have benefited, but do they need such benefit? Judging from the current situation, SIPG is very likely to encounter Shanghai Greenland Shenhua in the knockout rounds. By then, under the derby, Shanghai's football "a game of chess" will become the focus of traffic. Instead of this, wouldn't it be better for SIPG to choose second in two consecutive defeats?

我看过媒体人宋成良的说法,这很可靠。这只是一个与第一阶段积分排名无关的游戏。 SIPG似乎已经受益,但是他们需要这种收益吗?从目前的情况来看,SIPG很可能在淘汰赛中遇到上海格陵兰申花。届时,在德比大战之下,上海足球“下棋”将成为交通的焦点。取而代之的是,SIPG在连续两次失败中选择第二不是更好吗?

Song Chengliang also took as an example the incident where Paulinho elbowed his opponent, thinking that Paulinho had escaped the suspension penalty, and such an incident was the penalty that had a decisive impact on the subsequent game. Therefore, Zhang Lei's whistleblowing caused hostility between the fans and the media of the two teams. Besides, it didn't make any sense. The real contest was in the second stage. In this view, the "conspiracy theory" seems extremely ridiculous.


There are many enlightenments for the two teams in this game. Genesio’s formation and midfield problems need to be solved urgently. If Guoan wants to continue on the road to the championship, it needs to face the objective existence of the team. The key is to play well the next game. As for SIPG, it is not the first time this season that the defensive line is slack after the final stage of the game. There will not be so many adjustment opportunities under the knockout system. In addition, although Lopez has contributed a lot to the tactical value of the left wing, the state of the long-lost battle is also worrying. In the next round of the league, Pereira can let those players who have not played a lot of games play all the games, guaranteeing The status can also be used to check the depth of the lineup.

这场比赛对两支球队有很多启示。 Genesio的阵型和中场问题需要紧急解决。如果国安希望继续获得冠军,那就需要面对球队的客观存在。关键是在下一场比赛中表现出色。至于SIPG,在比赛的最后阶段之后,这并不是第一次防守线松弛。淘汰赛系统下不会有太多的调整机会。此外,尽管洛佩兹为左翼的战术价值做出了很大贡献,但长期失败的战斗状态也令人担忧。在下一轮联赛中,佩雷拉可以让那些没有参加过多场比赛的球员参加所有比赛,从而确保状态也可以用来检查阵容的深度。

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